Dipl.-Designer (qualified designer)

Frank Gerald Hegewald


* 1948 in Berlin
Graduating in Communication Sciences (Dipl.-Designer) at the University of Art in Berlin.
For more than 30 years working in Marketing and Advertising. Since 2004 dedicated to work with alternative and historical photoprocesses.

Wet Plate Photography
Acrylic picture by Margit Schuler
Freelance Artist

Member of the West Middle Frankonian Circle of Artists.

Member of the BBK Nürnberg Mittelfranken e.V. (2008-2013 Chairman, 2016-2019 Member of the Executive Committee).

  • 2019
    Great Solo Exhibition
    Museum at the Town Mill, Pappenheim
  • 2019
    Inside out
    7 artists presents human pictures
    Giechburg Castle near Bamberg
  • 2018
    Moments. Scenes.
    Photographs about the Theater Festival Kreuzgangspiele
    Frankonian Museum, Feuchtwangen
  • 2018
    Soft & Violent
    Exhibition of the West Middle Frankonian
    Circle of Artists
    Monastery's Mill , Heilsbronn
  • 2017
    German Reflections
    Digitalphotographies about German Attitudes
    Collegium Bohemicum in the Town Museum, Usti nad Labem (CSR)
  • 2017
    made to fit
    Exhibition of 8 artists
    Ratibor Castle